Imaging the Future - The Journey to a Customer Driven Competitive Marketplace

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The most recent of a number of Michael Goldsworthy slide sets, this presentation prepared for a workshop in the ACT in May 2016 presents a compelling set of statistics and analysis why organisations must 'adapt or die' in the changing world of human services provision.

Mr Goldsworthy does not hold back in presenting a stark and compelling message to the disability and general human services sector that the move to individualised funding will force the (mainly) not-for-profit sector to make major changes and change the composition of the sector radically towards a preponderance of for-profits.  

Goldsworthy's analysis may be challenged.  But organisations moving into the NDIS world need to carefully consider what this new environment requires.  

He suggests that scale is very significant in survival - hence a strong indication for serious consideration of growth and mergers.  The often small and boutique nature of ACT service providers offers a challenging context for this message to be heeded and applied.  

Where are the opportunities and synergies and what level of specialisation or specialist competence will deliver on survival and mission?

The presentation also offers some tools and approaches for evaluation and assessment to address some of these fundamental questions.  

Close review of this material and working through the implications will be well-repaid even though, like strenuous exercise, some determination and fortitude will be necessary.  highly recommended


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  • Author: Michael Goldsworthy
  • Date: 2016
  • Target Audience: Strategic level (e.g. CEO, Board)
  • Access to Item is free?: Yes
  • Type of Resource: Report, submission or similar