Closing the Gap Project

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A case study focused on working together with Indigenous people and communities from a support provider operating in several jurisdictions, primarily in regional and rural locations. The report draws on service-user insights, the views of Indigenous workers and the outcomes of cultural awareness training activities.

The project asked Indigenous people with disability, their carers and their families, how the organisation could deliver person-centred and culturally appropriate support funded by the NDIS.

They asked Indigenous support workers about a range of workforce factors such as recruitment and retention of Indigenous workforce.

The organisation also engaged an Indigenous company to develop a Cultural Awareness Training resource to enhance the cultural competency of non-Indigenous workers to better deliver culturally appropriate supports to Indigenous Australians.  

Easy to read report from a First Peoples Australia community forum, a survey of Indigenous workers and tools from the cultural awareness training activity.

Resource Information

  • Author: Integrated Living Australia Ltd
  • Date: 2013
  • Target Audience: Tactical level (senior management, corporate services)
  • Access to Item is free?: Yes
  • Type of Resource: Study/monograph