Culture - Considerations for Positive Behaviour Support - A guide for Clinicians

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The primary target for this resource is clinicians working with people from a CALD background - but it makes useful and interesting reading for all services looking to be culturally appropriate.

Clearly considerable effort has been made so that this resource is brief but accurate.  

It is, we think, best described as a primer and consciousness-raising document - focusing the attention and understanding of the clinician on the phases and stages of support for people with disability.  

In many respects the CALD aspects are peripheral - elements of good, intelligent, non-judgemental and inquisitive practice - rather than special features that call out for and require specialised techniques or approaches.  We like the spare, bare bones approach which focuses at a sufficient level of abstraction to make the resource useful for a wide range of different environments.  

The lack of guidance on addressing unexpected events, non-compliance, miscommunication etc, is, however, a significant omission - as is the minimal treatment of the need for a team-based approach and engagement by all relevant stakeholders.  Nor is the question of how such practice can be undertaken within the NDIS dealt with. If there is a next edition this should certainly be something that is included.

Nevertheless, as a quite ready reference  - underpinned by obviously knowledgeable and careful selection - it is an extremely handy thing to have (and not just for clinicians).

FACS (ADHC)  NSW - The development of this guide is due to the hard work and commitment from the following representatives of the Quality and Reform Unit, Ageing Disability and Home Care, Department of Family and Community Services NSW. Quality and Reform Unit, Behaviour Support Team: Alison Hart Claudia Tapia And the consultative contributions by: Ethnic Community Services Co-operative, Marrickville ADHC SWS Community Support Teams

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  • Author: FACS (ADHC) NSW
  • Date: 2016
  • Target Audience: Any or all
  • Access to Item is free?: Yes
  • Type of Resource: How to guide