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Gauging the financial impacts of adding or changing a service Tool 3 of 6

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Excel workbook with macros to undertake scenario costing and pricing in relation to new service offerings under the NDIS.

Wow!  Smaller less financially literate organisations can really take advantage of this simple and elegant tool which automates a good deal of the data entry associated with the NDIS pricing.  

A fantastic resource!  Relies on you knowing what your unit cost is though.  The referenced guidance on this has our support.  You can find them referenced (with the relevant hypertext links) at the 'welcome' tab of the tool.  This is one of a series of six tools produced for Communities Qld available at the URL

Resource Information

  • Author: Nous Group
  • Date: 2015
  • Target Audience: Tactical level (senior management, corporate services)
  • Access to Item is free?: Yes
  • Type of Resource: Workbook