Clients are King, Cashflow is queen, strategy today: success tomorrow - Goldsworthy challenges you to really think about what it is that you do and want to do in the future.

Great general overview of the specific strategic issues facing disability organisations

A summary of various supported living approaches prepared for and presented at an NDS Disability Supported Living Innovation Forum in Oct 2013 in Victoria

The ACT Volunteering Statement  Information Paper is a  resource available at the bottom of the url reference page - with guidance generally about volunteering in the ACT

A Qld-focused  tool to assist CEOs and senior managers  analyse the broad and local context and communicate the situation to their Board

A report based on the work of disability support-providing NGO that considers effective strategies for re-focusing organisations on client / customer outcomes rather than service delivery outputs.

Presentation by renowned American writer and leader on the role of Boards and Senior Executives in building and sustaining mission-based organisations.

Useful step-by-step guide, checklist, and discussion prompter for voluntary members of Boards, particularly of smaller or new organisations

This a useful resource for any organisation considering its change-management strategy in response to the roll out of the NDIS.  Based on 7 key domains this self-assessment toolkit comes with accompanying short webinar presentations.

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