Huddle Co-design for Community Inclusion Report

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This is a report by the organiser of a co-design workshop (Huddle) on the effect and outcome of the workshop and their observations about the perceptions of those attending.  The report is pretty and, as a source of information about co-design in the disability sector, pretty useless.  However, there is something to learn - both as to further resources on co-design (p.30) , including 5 simple tools (at the end) , and on understanding different types of listening (see p.39)

So, is this report a camel disguised as a horse or is it really a horse?  You will have to decide.  

The basic approach of co-design is the use of techniques and methodologies that address and seek to break down a person's pre-conceptions so that they are able to listen and hear the perspective of others.  Those that are old enough may remember Edward De-Bono and a range of futurists that apply tools and techniques that take us outside our normal pattern.

 This report gives an insight into the learning and approach of Huddle but the insight into co-design approaches that were used and worked with participants is non-existent.  

There is not one report of the use of co-design with participants and what that achieved.  That is disappointing and perhaps an indication of the pressures on, and composition of, the sector noted in the report.  

Why have we included it in our list of resources?  Well, it does provide an insight into what 'co-design' is and some of the techniques and approaches that can and are being used.  Moreover, although wholly anecdotal, it suggests that the application of this methodology can enable some service provider staff to move towards and actually practice methods to change their understanding and perspective.

 It also demonstrates how hard any individual service provider will have to work to make effective cultural change work within their organisation - and that you are going to need help to get there.


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  • Date: 2016
  • Target Audience: Strategic level (e.g. CEO, Board)
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  • Type of Resource: Report, submission or similar