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This article describes a person centred approach to risk to help think in a positive and productive way about how goals of people with disabilities can be achieved while considering the risks.

The national standards provide what is effectively a checklist of what organisations need to put in place to manage volunteers well and successfully

This is a must-see resource for any organisation that has volunteers.  Particularly see the toolkit for designing volunteer roles and position descriptions.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 14:36

Consolidate, Partner or Collaborate

Powerpoint Presentation from 'A Call to Action' Conference NDS Victoria

This guide aims to inform regions outside of Great Lakes (NSW) about the how to of setting up and running a shared labour pool project.

Thursday, 28 April 2016 17:45

Perspectives on Partnerships

This paper documents an exploration of the insights and experiences of  Young and Well CRC partners, putting forth practical ideas for fostering and maintaining better partnerships, to deliver greater impact in the nfp sector.

In this presentation at High Performance in Social Care Experts Forum, Canberra 2016, Guy outlines the CASA model for disability support by a cooperative.  This is foundational background learning for anyone interested in the high road to improved organisational performance and client outcomes.

The Road Less Travelled explores alternatives to traditional public transport in realising increased access to transport services for all people in our community.

This kit contains tools and methods designed to help social sector organisations identify and form strategic relationships with community or commercial partners.