People and Capability

This online quiz uses sets of images to question the participant about their values and attitudes. It links the results to career options in the disability sector.

The Employee Engagement Survey (EES) is a validated online survey that helps your organisation measure employee satisfaction, engagement and commitment.

A collection of resources developed in Qld to assist the disability sector implement person-centered choice and control

Guide with templates and examples to assist  a group of employers or multiple sites within the same organisation to develop and facilitate a collaborative approach to new employee recruitment

Account of an organisational journey towards person-centredness and what was learned along the way.

Presentation of an overseas example of an innovative and highly successful service delivery model offering quality service and good jobs while being effective and efficient

Presentation of an Australian example of an innovative service delivery model with self-managed teams

Presentation of an overseas example from the UK of a  successful service based on a worker cooperative model.

Presentation of the principles of high performance based on research from the Centre for workplace leadership of the University of Melbourne