Philanthropy and volunteering in the ACT disability sector ahead of the trial launch of the NDIS

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Strategies to mitigate the risk of losing philanthropic and volunteer resources after the launch of the NDIS in the ACT. Topical information is at the bottom of the webpage

This report was commissioned to explore the impact on philanthropy and volunteering in the ACT due to the NDIS.

It is unable to quantify the quantum of the giving in value terms but the research confirmed there is a strong giving culture in the ACT.  It found no evidence that the NDIS would reduce philanthropy or volunteering.  

The main value of the report  lies in the guide, tools and resources it provides to facilitate seeking philanthropic donations and engaging volunteers. Key conclusions are that philanthropy and volunteering remain very important under the NDIS, donors and volunteers want to be recognised and to make a difference.  

The tools commence at chapter 7 on page 21 and provide a basic strategic pathway which will be of some utility for smaller organisations. Table 4 on page 27 provides a list of 27 guides and resources - many from Volunteering Victoria.  The more significant of these are evaluated separately and included separately in this portal.

Resource Information

  • Author: (URBIS Consulting) Claire Grealy, with consultants Joanna Farmer, Joanne Malpas
  • Date: 2015
  • Target Audience: Strategic level (e.g. CEO, Board)
  • Access to Item is free?: Yes
  • Type of Resource: How to guide
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