The Road Less Travelled: Disability Transport Resources in the ACT

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The Road Less Travelled explores alternatives to traditional public transport in realising increased access to transport services for all people in our community.

Recently there have been 2 major disruptors affecting transport servicing: firstly the change in funding methods for disability service providers, effectively reducing the level of complementary transport assistance provided to service users and secondly the legalisation of ridesharing services (such as Uber).

This study was undertaken in the ACT to explore the benefits from this disruption by determining the level of underutilised transport resources in current Disability Service Provider fleets that may offer a business solution to both the provider and to people requiring improved access to accessible transport. Some information is also noted as to the ride-share and taxi systems in other states.

Through examining the transport environment and the level of transport disadvantage for commuters, the report describes opportunities for organisations or entrepreneurs to pursue commercial opportunities and collaborative solutions.

The study also found that it is difficult for people looking for transport options to find these listed in any one place. Links to transport directories and to relevant transport legislation (including fact sheets) are included in the appendixes.

Although this study is based in the ACT, the findings in relation to potential business and collaborative opportunities are broad and could be further examined across all states, at a local government level with relevant stakeholders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

The full report is supplied here as an attachment

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