Perspectives on Partnerships

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This paper documents an exploration of the insights and experiences of  Young and Well CRC partners, putting forth practical ideas for fostering and maintaining better partnerships, to deliver greater impact in the nfp sector.

This relatively short report seeks to draw out what are the important features for successful partnerships in the NFP sector - through analysis of a survey undertaken by the Young and Well CRC.

The survey focused on partnership experiences within the context of youth mental health. Respondents were asked qualitative questions on their experiences, perspectives and insights on partnerships for social impact. Approximately half of the essential or supporting partners of the Young and Well CRC were interviewed either face-to-face, by phone or online.

The survey responses tend to focus on value and attitudes rather than on processes although this report does have some helpful tips on communications.  We would expect its primarily utility is as something to use in opening up the topic of partnership and as guiding discussion about some of the basic methodologies and underpinnings in pursuing collaboration across organisations.  

The few pages of material presented on the Business Canvas Model is hard to make sense of without a facilitator.  Conversely, the pie charts on p.17 and 21 respectively,  are instructive to someone reading on their own about the potential drivers of partnerships in the community sector and effective communications approaches (with younger people?).  The 12 practical lessons shared at the end provide interesting feedback on what is seen to facilitate effective means of progressing partnerships.

Resource Information

  • Author: Young and Well CRC
  • Date: 2014
  • Target Audience: Tactical level (senior management, corporate services)
  • Access to Item is free?: Yes
  • Type of Resource: Study/monograph