Building Strategic Relationships - A Toolkit for the Social Sector

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This kit contains tools and methods designed to help social sector organisations identify and form strategic relationships with community or commercial partners.

This toolkit aims to build upon organisations strategic thinking, business models, workforce development and person centred practice. It has a strong focus on the different types of partnerships and their purpose, how to identify opportunities and practical tips to support the ongoing journey.

Users can pick and choose what is relevant to them. The critical dimension this workbook adds is the hard thinking and guidance for the strategic choices it outlines.

Nevertheless, as with practically every resource of this type, the ability of organisations and leaders to use this resource themselves, and to chart a pathway through the strategic thinking it supports, would enhanced by the intervention of a knowledgeable facilitator. 

Yes, all the guidance and checklists are there.

Yes, it is possible to use these on one’s own – but the reality of a busy leader is that this rarely happens. But, facilitators come in many guises so organisations strapped for cash to employ one could look more widely to the volunteering sector and even pro-bono contributions from interested commercial bodies.

This resource is tagged as being about partnership and cooperation – but it is as much about thinking strategically about what an organisation does – and where it adds value.

So, it has value for all organisations and is presented in a simple and practical way that means that it can be used as a workbook as well as a reference. Well worth more than just a quick dip.

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Resource Information

  • Author: ACTCOSS
  • Date: 2016
  • Target Audience: Any or all
  • Access to Item is free?: Yes
  • Type of Resource: Workbook